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Euroconr Microsoft Excel euro converter order now

Convert all currency values in all your Microsoft Excel data sheets into the pursuant euro value within minutes.

This solution extends your Excel software as integrated macro by menu functions, which permit you to change and calculate all currency values of your current table or the entire workbook to euro.

This menu will be integrated into your menu bar:

The macro menu     By the "Settings" you can change your current currency and limit the range in data sheets that shall be searched for curreny values.

By the command "Convert current sheet" the current sheet is searched for cells in currency format. All these cells are are changed into the format "0,00 €". Only the cells that contain values but no formulas are calculated with the chosen conversion factor.

The command "Convert current workbook" performs the conversion functions for all datasheets in the current workbook.
The settings     To search all of the cells of a datasheet might take a lot of time. By that you are able to set the maximum of rows and columns that shall be searched.

Just the cells that are formatted as currency respectively are formatted with currency symbol of Excel are changed by the macro. Also pivot tables will not be modified.  Excel-Währungssymbol

With the simple handling euroconr might be the ideal tool for your conversion to euro.

Just 20,- €    
Single user license english
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